Postcard Market Update

I just got out of a meeting with a dev manager at a top American bank who asked me for an update on where the market is at the moment, this is what I came up with:

  •  hardly any new projects in the market
    (which means very little senior hiring or work for BAs, PMs or Dev Managers)
  • demand for contractors remains small, although we have heard mutterings that it will pick up in September
  • the lack of Tier 1 visas has started to affect the market in terms of its restriction upon supply
  • “new” technologies continue to shape the market (HTML5, F#, Scala, Clojure, Objective-c – if that still counts – Coco, NoSQL…)
  • Government Regulations continue to be one of the few forces driving new projects
  • demand for junior techies (up to 5 years experience) is sky high, pushing up salaries and expectations

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