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Speak like a recruiter 104: “People Buy People”

people buy people (spoken)
the concept that when someone is in charge of hiring, whatever the qualifications of the candidates, one of the main factors in making a decision is going to be personality. People hire people they know they can work with.
Gavin: My client has asked if she should start the interview process with a telephone round or onsite interview – what do you think? Sandy: Onsite, afterall “People Buy People”
Etymology: hiring = buying
See also: a good lad, personality counts

Speak like a recruiter 103: “Bullet”

bullet (spoken)
a candidate who is such a good fit for a client that he/she is will open doors for your recruitment business, win you clients and progress to offer stage quickly and easily.
Gavin: How are you doing with that tough role you’ve got? Sandy: Don’t sweat it no more, I got a bullet
Etymology: Golden Bullet, one shot kill
See also: Golden Bullet, legend, walking invoice

Speak like a recruiter 102: “Time Kills Deals”

time kills deals (spoken)
the concept that any delay to the recruitment process will reduce the likelihood of that candidate becoming a placement.
Sandy: Whatever happened to that guy you had at second interview a couple of weeks ago? I thought he was really keen? Gavin: Only got positive feedback after he’d accepted another offer. Sandy: Time kills deals.
See also: maintaining a sense of urgency

Speak like a recruiter 101: “The moon on a stick”

the moon on a stick (spoken)
impossible to get    Gavin: “Back from your client meeting? What is he looking for this time?” Sandy: “The moon on a stick”
Etymology: based on the notion that that somethings just don’t exist
See also: rare, uncommon, hopeless, naive