When is the best time to explore new career opportunities?

Ever tried to do the weekly supermarket shop when you were hungry? If you’re anything like me you would have got home and found a half eaten box of jam donuts and a load of expensive items like icecream and chocolate that probably weren’t on your shopping list when walked in.

What happened was that you went shopping for something when you were desperate… and the same applies to each career move you make, if you only look for a new job when you hate your current one (or think you are starting to be pushed out) you are never going to be in the optimum frame of mind to make a valuable career move.

Ever meet a girl who only fancied you because of the wedding ring on your finger? Well it’s the same thing for potential employers – you are the most attractive to employers when you are performing at your best and things are going well in your current job. Imagine going in to an interview where you have all the cards in your hand: you can be confident, self assured and evaluate the opportunity before you with a clear mind – and if it’s going to make your life better in the long run you know you’ve done the right thing.

But my boss would be devastated!
So what? If they really like you so much he/she will be disappointed but if the role is better for you they will understand your decision. And its your responsibility to manage your career progression, not theirs.


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