Friday fun: find out where you sit on the political spectrum!

Follow this link to the Political Compass website  and follow the questions to find out where your political views sit compared to modern leaders’ political beliefs. Its quite fun because rather than the usual one dimensional left / right line, it rates your views on an economic scale and a social scale. So if you believe individual property is theft and that there should be a CCTV camera on every street corner you will sit at the opposite end of the graph to someone who believes in free trade and has a live and let live approach to society.

You also get to see how your views compare to Hitler, Stalin, Margaret Thatcher and Mahatma Gandhi:

It takes about 5 minutes to get through the questions, but stick with it because its quite interesting seeing what your results are, here are mine:

As you can see from the graph below, my political views sit no-where near any of our global leaders’ political beliefs. I don’t think that’s because my views are so unusual, I just think that most political leaders have authoritarian views because they think they know what’s better for you.

So follow the link and let me know where you come!


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